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Rendyth's Revenge

King Blamsfar is in possession of Rendyth's three Eggs and has total control over this peaceful Dragon. He is using this power to take over one realm at a time, and yours is next!! It is up to you and your crusaders to infiltrate the castle, steal back Rendyth's eggs, and give her power back So she can take revenge upon the evil King.

Rendyth's Revenge is a mostly linear game with logic based puzzles. It is great for both first time and experienced players.

A fun and exciting game for the whole family!

Difficulty Rating:  8/10

Escape Rate*:  76%

Recommended Team Size**:  4-8 Players

rendyth 8F.jpg

Blamsfar's Basement

Evil King Blamsfar's guards caught you red handed trying to steal the dragon egg's. They have locked you in the dungeon for now… King Blamsfar, known for being a ruthless king, will make his decision on what to do with you in one hour! Can you escape before you meet your inevitable end?​

Blamsfar's Basment is a linear game with a variety of puzzles and tasks. It is great for both first time and experienced players.

Players will start in separate cells.

A fun and exciting game for the whole family!

Difficulty Rating:  5/10

Escape Rate*:  84%

Recommended Team Size:  2-6 Players

blamsfar 11B.jpg

Fern's Finest

Fern is the most well known wise women in the Kingdom. She has made elixirs that have cured terrible ailments; botanicals that have transformed the grotesque into unspeakable beauty. Potions that have given great power to those brave enough to ingest them.

You and your friends heard Fern has been working on a top secret potion. Rumor has it, this potion will give the person that drinks it the strength and power of a dragon! You'd love to get your hands on that recipe and keep it out of wrongful hands, like the Evil King. So you've planned to steal it! Though, you're not the most experienced thieves.. and Fern is known for setting traps to keep people from stealing her recipes.

Fern has stepped out of her shop to gather some ingredients, She should be away for at least an hour. That should be plenty of time to get in and steal the recipe,  if you can find it...

Fern's Finest is a non linear game, where multiple puzzles can be solved at the same time. This game style makes it challenging; time to divide and conquer!

Difficulty Rating:  TBD

Escape Rate:  TBD

Recommended Group Size:  TBD

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** Recommended Team Size is a suggested ideal team size for each of our games. 
* We offer unlimited hints for all of our games. Escape rates are based on average use of hints to complete game. 

Questing Hours

Please check our booking calendar for the most up to date timeslots!

If you'd like to book a game at a time outside of our normal business hours, please give us a call and we will try our best to accommodate your group!


Per Player Admissions: $38
Under 5: Free!

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