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Our Games

Rendyth's Revenge


King Blamsfar is in possession of Rendyth's three Eggs and has total control over this peaceful Dragon. He is using this power to take over one realm at a time, and yours is next!! It is up to you and your crusaders to infiltrate the castle, steal back Rendyth's eggs, and give her power back So she can take revenge upon the evil King.

Rendyth's Revenge is a mostly linear game with logic based puzzles. It is great for both first time and experienced players.

A fun and exciting game for the whole family!

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Robert's Relic


Always in search of the weird and unusual, Archeologist Robert Robertson ventured into a Voodoo Shack never to be seen again. It is believed that he has been cursed and his soul is being held by supernatural forces. Can you find Robert's Relic and set his soul free...

or is it too late?

Robert's Relic is great for players who thrive in chaos! It's puzzles are mostly abstract and get you thinking "out of the box."

This game is spooky (not scary) and recommended for ages 13 and up.

Difficulty Rating:  8/10

Blamsfar's Basement


Attention citizens! Have you dreamed of becoming a knight? Well, now’s your chance! Due to the rapid expansion of the kingdom, there is a shortage of knights left to defend the castle and the great treasure that resides therein. If you can pass the king’s challenge, you will be granted the title of Knight! Can you pass the tests, prove that you have what it takes to become a Knight?

Difficulty Rating: TBD

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